Value Creation

We partner with management teams to identify, develop, and ultimately execute on initiatives that drive growth.


Accelerated Scale. Lasting Impact.

Wincove invests more than capital into our partnerships. We strive to be creative problem solvers who are committed to driving growth and building shareholder value. While every situation is unique, many growing small- and mid-sized businesses face similar challenges and opportunities as they scale. Over time, we have found that many of our value creation initiatives touch on the following key areas:

Strategic Planning

Facilitating realistic, measurable goal-setting and helping management teams align on what’s most important.

Allocation of Time and Capital

Guidance for businesses that have an abundance of opportunities but limited bandwidth, time, and capital.

Organizational Development

Building out teams and organizations in order to add new talent and skill sets as companies scale.

Growth Acceleration

Initiatives that may include pricing strategy, path-to-market decisions, new product development, salesforce development, and incentive compensation plans.


Identifying complementary acquisitions that provide access to new capabilities, geographies, customers, end markets, and talent.

System, Process, & Ops Improvements

Investment in technology and new process improvement initiatives.


Implementation of metrics to provide deeper insights and help track performance.

Balance Sheet Optimization

Creative solutions to fund investment in growth, people, and capital assets.

Our Investment Approach

Discover the unique advantages of Wincove’s permanent capital base and focused private market strategy.

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Our Winning Culture

Working with Wincove means choosing a partner that’s fully invested in building value and forging strong connections.

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